2017 Summer Trends: Pineapple Jewelry and Cactus Phone Cases

There are a couple of trends I've been following this summer.  Trends seem to change continuously, but some of the trends that I really like this summer are fruit inspired jewelry like pineapples and cherries and cactus themed phone cases.

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These little rhinestone pineapple earrings are ADORABLE!

This is one of the most popular items in the shop right now!  Pineapples make me immediately think of summer and fruity drinks, laying by the pool, and relaxation.  I can tell why they are so popular this summer.

Along with pineapple earrings, pineapple necklaces are very popular as well.  This little delicate pineapple necklace looks adorable and makes a sweet statement.

Or choose a cool pineapple cell phone case to spread that summer vibe:


I LOVE these little cherry rhinestone stud earrings:

I like the cherry trend, it always reminds me of summers as a kid.  I would totally wear these with some black skinny jeans and comfy shoes.  But I am also a mom, so "mom" style may not be what everyone is going for.  :)  How would you wear these earrings?

Along with pineapples and other fruit, cactus accessories are also pretty trendy right now. 

This cactus phone case is pretty cool:

Pair it with these adorably fantastic earrings for a cute summer look:

I love how cute these kawaii cactus earrings are!  I love the little hand painted face on these.  I think these little earrings are perfect for everyday wear and the little face just makes me smile.

So what are your favorite trends this summer?


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