Must-Have Accessories for Halloween

I LOVE Halloween.  I love dressing up and I LOVE making my own costumes.  Halloween is just around the corner so I have found my absolute favorite Halloween must-haves from Sparkle City Co.

Halloween 2017 accessories

 Descendants 2 Accessories



We LOVED Descendants 2! The costumes were amazing and the actress who plays Uma, China McClain, KILLED IT.  I'm also a big fan of Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson's work and Mal & Evie were such a big Halloween look last year!  The store has a couple of jewelry pieces that will complete your Halloween look.


 Mermaid Costume Accessories



a.  Mermaid Scale Phone Case for iPhone & Samsung 

b.  Mermaid Seashore Starfish Bracelet

c.  Gold Mermaid Clam Shell Locket

d.  Hologram Shiny Clam Shell Crossbody Bag

Perhaps mermaid fashion is just your everyday thing or you want to be a mermaid for Halloween. Either way, these mermaid inspired accessories are sure to impress as everyday wear or as a mermaid inspired costume.


  Black Cat Fashion


a.  Black Cat Ear Quilted Crossbody Bag

b.  Plush Cat Ear Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy

c.  Cute Cat Face Leather Mini Backpack

d.  Black Lace Phone Case for Samsung


First of all, you don't really just need these for your cute cat Halloween costume, right?  I mean I love these adorable cat inspired accessories for everyday use.  The black quilted crossbody is perfect for a run to the grocery store and the backpack is just adorable for a concert.  The black lace phone case for Samsung galaxy phones is already my everyday phone case.  


With Halloween being right around the corner, I am starting to make our costumes for the year.  What are you going as?

Must-Have Accessories For Halloween


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