The Best Christian Thanksgiving Shirts for the Big Weekend

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  I love gathering with family and friends and spending time with everyone and planning my Thanksgiving outfits (it's a girl thing).  I also love Black Friday Shopping.  This is a yearly girls night out tradition with my sister that we've been doing for years.  It's a well loved tradition that we both look forward to because it's become part of our bonding.  Bonding over Black Friday deals, nice right? Is it a Christian thing to do?  I don't know, but we have fun and get one on one time together and I think that is the important part.

When designing Christian T shirts, I wanted to make special Thanksgiving Christian inspired shirts that would be great to wear on Thanksgiving day, black friday, or the whole weekend.  I thought that combining my family's tradition of giving thanks to God and our fun Black friday shenanigans might resonate with others as well. 

So here are the top Christian T Shirts for Thanksgiving Weekend.  


Thanksgivng shirts

I love this Thanksgiving Christian shirt because it gives a great verse from Psalms but also gives the REAL reason we should be thankful.  Giving our thanks to God is the real reason we gather around a turkey.  Thanking our Father and Jesus with prayer and reflection is my absolute favorite family tradition.  We all go around the table expressing our gratitude and praising Him for our blessings.  Also this Thanksgiving shirt can be worn all year long if you want.



. funny black friday shirts

Not gonna lie, I will probably be wearing this Black Friday shirt for our yearly shopping excursion.  Because it's fun and it reflects my fun mood for the evening.  :)



funny thanksgiving shirts

Ok, so basically this Thanksgiving shirt is very similar to the one above it, but it's just a tad different.  I couldn't decide which funny Thanksgiving shirt I liked better so I added them both.  I hope you find the fun in this as much as I do.


So there you go!  A handful of Christian funny Thanksgiving shirts that you can wear for the weekend.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did designing them!  And I hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!


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