What does Kawaii Mean?

So what does the word "Kawaii" even mean?  My daughter started going around saying things like "That is so kawaii" and "Oh my gosh that is super kawaii!!".  This made me feel more and more like an old lady trying to figure out the youngster lingo so I decided to look it up.    

Turns out that "kawaii" is another word for "cute" and my daughter is now using it to describe anything and everything she deems adorable. 

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So whenever you see the term "Kawaii" on this site, I am referring to the Japanese pop culture context of 'cute'.  It is also used in describing Japanese anime including the signature anime design of big sparkle eyes and pink rosy cheeks!  

kawaii girl

Kawaii is also a fashion style that is very popular in Japanese culture.  Kawaii girls are known to dress up in pastel colors and showcase overtly cutesy fashion like big bows, cute kitty cats, and lots of sparkles.  Most of the "Kawaii" items in our store are representing this type of fashion style.  You will find a great assortment of cute kawaii designs that incorporate sparkles, glitter, pastels, and shimmer.

Plus we have mermaid accessories and unicorn jewelry!  

That is SO KAWAII.

kawaii donut purse

Think bright pastels, fluffy furry blingy keychains, and cute kitty cat rings!

I hope you find all the kawaii accessories you need at Sparkle City Co!

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