Why I Started an Online Christian Clothing Store

     The idea to start an online Christian clothing store came to me while I was at church during a sermon about finding your purpose.  Crazy, huh?  Well, not crazy if you believe in Jesus, but crazy if you aren't sure about your faith.  I've been searching for my "purpose" for years and starting an online store selling Christian tee shirts was not even on my radar.  But that's how God works. Or as my mom used to say "The Lord works in mysterious ways".  And now here I am, trying to figure out how to sell Christian apparel and not knowing what I'm doing or if I'm even doing it right!  Blind faith.  I'm living it.  

     The truth is, I have no experience creating or selling Christian tee shirts online.  I have never designed a Christian shirt or any type of shirt in my life.  I am not even that experienced in selling online!  I am the least qualified person to take on this venture, but here I am.  And that day in church, I couldn't shake the thought of building an online Christian brand and all the sudden, all of these ideas were flooding my brain.  And I still wasn't convinced, because HELLOOO, I'm a newbie and have no idea what I am doing!  But I am blessed with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, and this is a way for me to spread His word and SERVE...  So I jumped in and I got to work.

     I've technically been a Christian my entire life, even though I haven't lived it that way.  Growing up, my mom taught Sunday school and I accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 12 in the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church.  I went to church every Sunday, went to GA's every Wednesday and did my best to live through Jesus.  I even wanted to be a missionary.  But I feel that I should be completely honest here.. as a teen and young adult, I RAN away from my faith for years.  Decades even.  I was always that kid that questioned everything and as I got older, the idea of being a Christian and LIVING the Christian life was not something that I placed importance on.  Now I prayed quietly, but I was not living a life serving Christ.  I was living the opposite.  Sinner, party of one, right here!  As a matter of fact, it hasn't been until VERY RECENTLY that I would consider myself a "born again" follower of Christ. 

     As a married mom of two, we started going back to church mainly for our children's sake...you know because they needed church, not me.  We found a wonderful non-denominational church that our friends invited us to and started going...Not EVERY Sunday at first, because I love Jesus but I also love sleeping.  But I started noticing the changes in our children and more importantly in my marriage, and then quietly one day in Church, I prayed the prayer and it just clicked for me.  My worries started to fade, my anxieties started to diminish and this complete JOY overcame my life.  It wasn't instantaneous, but it started happening.  We started going regularly and tithing regularly, and ya'll know what??  The changes kept happening.  It's almost supernatural.  First of all, tithing is a thing and it WORKS.  There were several instances where we were strapped for money that month and then boom, we'd receive a check in the mail that we were so not expecting.  Secondly, prayer is better than any anti-anxiety pill on the market. I started to really study the scripture, pray for guidance, and live my life through Christ.  I mean, I still sin, a lot.  I'm never going to be perfect and I will never portray my life as perfect.  I'm still a hot mess, but I am a blessed hot mess. 

     So here I am, a newbie born again Christian, not knowing what the heck I am doing, and navigating the world of selling Christian apparel online.  You can follow my adventures on the Instagram and Facebook pages!  Thank you for reading this far and I hope you enjoy my designs!

Why I Started An Online Christian Clothing Store


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